about me


 I never know what to write about myself though it’s easier to write than to say for me.
An urbanite living in the country. I travel constantly though I seldom leave. I laugh a lot though I’m generally sad. I love to live though death fascinates me. I tame the terror of human loneliness by people I love. I examine the flux of boundaries between all contradictions. I have a poor memory for dates and proper nouns; I make lots of mistakes in spelling and life.
I create because I have to. Besides I can’t do anything else. Art fills up almost every part of my life. I also try to make living with it though it’s not very easy.
I just look upon art, making and creating as means of communication. It’s a kind of a language and a way for internal ether to come to the material world. And perhaps that’s why it’s so difficult for me to focus on one medium.
Still I think that all my creations are the best way to tell the story about me. I hope I have finally gathered them in one place. You are very welcome here.
Person, Nature and Creation. Truism that I stick with.
I happened to be born on the 30th of March 1974, but I still don’t know, when will I die.

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